• Your employer is generally required to maintain workers' compensation insurance for on-the-job injuries.
  • You generally have the right to receive compensation for your injuries when that injury occurs on the job.
  • Attorney Miller will fight to make sure that you receive the benefits you are entitled to receive.
  • If you have worked for a sufficient period of time, you may be eligible for short term, long term, and/or Social Security Disability benefits, as well. 
  • Fortunately, we have the expertise to handle all elements of your case to provide you the maximum amount of benefits.

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Workers' Compensation insurance companies are well known as being difficult and frustrating to deal with. Claims are often wrongly denied and often medical treatment is blocked by companies who are unwilling to live up to their end of the bargain. 

We can help you deal with these problems when they arise. We are on your side, not the side of the insurance company.

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